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Customer Stories

Owning a horse can be a great joy, whether you are a happy hacker or an events champion. Unfortunately though, our horses can fall ill and need expensive veterinary care when we least expect it and riding accidents do happen. That's why you have Petplan Equine horse insurance, it can help take away the financial worries and gives you peace of mind, so that you can focus on getting your horse and you back to the best of health.

We receive thousands of letters each year from customers who want to share their horse insurance experiences and we've published a handful of their stories here. If you have a tale to tell about your own experience with Petplan Equine's horse insurance, Veteran Insurance or our Rider Plan why not send us the details?

Back to his old self again, thanks to Petplan

Back to his old self again, thanks to Petplan Equine

Some of our customers were kind enough to share their experiences with us in person. Just click on the story you'd like to view.

Katie and Cruise
Bonnie and Stuart
Kirsten and Mickey
Rachel and Forest
Smokey and CJ
Bumble the Horse
Keltic the Horse
Alex the Rider
Graham the Vet

Winston - 40 but not out

Winston - 40 but not out

At the grand old age of 40 Winston, a Welsh X, 13.2hh chestnut is the oldest horse or pony currently insured by specialist UK equine insurance provider, Petplan Equine.

Joe's Story
Petplan Equine's Horse Insurance policy Paid over: £7800

Lily's Story

Thanks to the vet, a family's beloved horse has come back to good health after three serious injuries.

Mrs Cashen (September, 2010) Read more

Luke's Story
Petplan Equine Paid over: £850

Luke's Story

This has been a very interesting year for Miss White and her horse Luke. It seems Luke is determined to ensure he stays with his current owner, despite all the odds.

Miss White (February 2010) Read more

Joe's Story
Petplan Equine Paid: £3500

Joe's Story

Joe suffered a severe bout of colic which had to be surgically corrected; the intestine had become tangled around the spleen, causing Joe severe discomfort.

Miss Dove (February 2010) Read more