Amy Tilston

Amy - Petplan Equine Ambassador

Petplan Equine provides peace of mind for my most precious possessions. Tico, my advanced dressage horse, flourished from failure to superstar thanks to the support they provided.

Amy Tilston is from Lancashire and competes in dressage with her two horses Tico and Jasper. Amy’s horses are her world and she takes responsible horse ownership to a whole new level.

Tico is an 18.2hh homebred British Warmblood who has had a myriad of problems including Kissing Spines and has been heavily supported by Petplan Equine. Tico tries his heart out despite his difficulties and sheer size. He made his Advanced Medium debut in 2017 and promptly qualified for the Petplan Equine Championships.

Jasper is a 16.1hh sport Friesian with spectacular movement and a happy outlook on life. Amy is very excited about Jasper as he is showing real talent for dressage and is just starting his training for Medium level. Amy also acquired a 3 year old Friesian last year, who she aims to ride away from home and enter some Prelim dressage tests in 2019.

Plans for 2019

  • Ride the Winter Regional 2019 Elementary with Jasper and attempt to qualify for the Winter National Championships (February at Myerscough).
  • Train Jasper for the Petplan Equine Area Festival Winter Championships (April at Hartpury).
  • Attempt to get the flying changes with Jasper!
  • Begin to bring Tico back into work slowly, then competing and hopefully qualify for the Petplan Equine Area Festivals at Medium and Advanced Medium.
  • Start to ride Yinthe (rising 4) away from home and enter some Prelim dressage tests.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy keeping the training varied for the horses!

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