Veteran Horse Insurance Plan

Veteran Horse Insurance Plan

Petplan Equine has specialised in offering quality horse insurance for the past 20 years and our experience allows us to offer a range of policy options to help protect you against the unexpected costs of owning a horse or pony. Our Veteran insurance policy is especially for older horses and ponies. Thanks to advances in equine nutrition and veterinary care, horses in the UK are not only living longer but also remaining active well into their 'teens'. Older horses can be great schoolmasters and although they are more susceptible to certain conditions there is no reason why they cannot remain fit and healthy.

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Veteran plan offers you:

  • A value for money package offering essential cover for horses and ponies aged 20 years and over.
  • Payment of up to £1,500 following the death of your horse due to injury.
  • Vet fees cover paying up to £2,500 towards treatment for injury.
  • A choice of personal accident cover including dental treatment for the rider or handler.
  • Optional cover for your saddlery and tack if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

Terms, conditions and excesses apply.