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Customer Stories

Owning a horse is often a mix of highs and lows and your horse suffering an illness or injury can be a worrying time. Petplan Equine customers Evie and Laura share their stories below.

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Sam and Katie

Katie describes her horse Sam as like a ‘big dog’ and her best friend. However, she knew there was something wrong with Sam when his sweet and relaxed nature changed. Under saddle, he started to look slightly unlevel and alarm bells began to ring when he started bucking and biting, which was completely out of character. Katie was stunned to find out that Sam had thickening of his Annular Ligaments and would need surgery...

Valentine and Evie

Valentine is such a huge part of Evie’s life, she describes Valentine as her best friend. After Evie lost her last horse to colic, she was devastated to find out Valentine has been diagnosed with the same condition and couldn’t stop thinking how terrible it was going to be to go through this for a second time. Valentine was admitted for surgery to try and save her life...

Gemini and Laura

Gemini, who is now six and has been with Laura for the past two and a half years, was diagnosed with a fractured accessory carpal bone in her left front leg. Laura feared she’d never get back on her horse again. After a long period of box rest, Gemini began her rehabilitation therapy at Hartpury College. Here, she underwent treatment on the highspeed treadmill and the Aqua-fit. Luckily in March 2017, Gemini was able to start jumping again. Laura is looking forward to the future and hopes to get Gemini out competing in dressage and combined training.

Gemini and Laura
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