Petplan Equine Area Festivals

Petplan Equine is delighted to confirm its ongoing sponsorship of the Petplan Equine Area Festivals. For 20 years Petplan Equine has joined forces with British Dressage to provide riders of all levels the opportunity to experience the thrill of taking part in prestigious championship style dressage shows. High profile, yet relaxed and friendly; they are the perfect introduction to the excitement of competing for you and your horse.

In 2020, the Petplan Equine Area Festivals structure changed to consist of a summer and winter series for Bronze and Silver combinations, meaning all year-round competition. Qualification for the summer series begins in January and runs through until June. The Area Festivals then take place in July and August. For the winter series, qualification begins in July and runs through until December with the Area Festivals taking place in January and February the following year. Both series will conclude with a Championships. Take a look below to find out all you need to know about this exciting new format!

Membership and Registration

At Preliminary Bronze level, riders can qualify for an Area Festival with a Club membership and a Club horse registration. You can use sheets from any Preliminary class towards qualification.

If you qualify for a championship within the Summer or Winter Area Festivals, you and your horse will need to upgrade to a Full membership with British Dressage in order to take part. Click here to find out more about British Dressage membership types.

For Prelim Silver and Novice level and above both you and your horse need to be fully registered to gain your scores to qualify.

How to Qualify

Qualification for the Area Festivals is achieved through a points based system, much like other BD championships, such as the summer and winter regionals.

To qualify, you must achieve the required number of points within the qualification period. Take a look at the table below to find out how many points you need to qualify:

Level Bronze Silver
Advanced Medium46
Inter I24

Points can be gained at regular BD shows at your local venues, however at least one of the points in the total above should be gained in a qualifying section - marked with a 'Q' on the show schedule.

Below is a breakdown of how points are scored:

Score Points Awarded
60.00% - 61.99%1
62.00% - 63.99%2
64.00% - 65.99%3
66.00% - 67.99%4
68.00% - 69.99%5
70.00% - 71.99%6
72.00% - 73.99%7
74.00% - 75.99%8
74.00% - 77.99%9
78.00% - 79.99%10
80.00% and above11
Music Classes

Dressage to music competitions, also known as Freestyle to Music, can open up a whole new world of opportunity for you and your horse.

As part of the new format, ten of the Summer Area Festivals series will host Freestyle to Music classes, for Prelim to Intermediate I, with a Championship at the Summer Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships.

Qualification for the Music Area Festival classes will be two scores of 63% or above for Prelim to Advanced Medium and two scores of 60% or above at PSG and Intermediate I. To reach the Championship, combinations will need to place within the top two and wildcards will be awarded as necessary.

For more information on dressage to music and how it works, take a look at the British Dressage website here.

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