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Petplan Charitable Trust

At Petplan Equine we are committed to the health and welfare of all horses and ponies. Not only do we work closely with animal charities and re-homing centres, but we have also founded The Petplan Charitable Trust.

The Petplan Charitable Trust was formed in 1994 to provide much needed help to fund non-invasive veterinary research, and to promote animal welfare throughout the UK.

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Thanks to the generosity of our customers, more than £14 million has been donated to help animals through a variety of causes.

We ask every customer who takes out a horse or rider insurance policy if they would like to donate to The Petplan Charitable Trust, just £2.50 per horse per year, but can be amended to the amount of the customer's choice.

Click here to see a few examples of how The Petplan Charitable Trust is helping animals across the UK because of donations from our customers.

With Petplan Equine and The Petplan Charitable Trust you can help ensure the continued health and welfare of our nation's animals.

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