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Rider Plan

Details of Cover

Policy Summary and Terms and Conditions

18 Years and Over Basic Deluxe

Personal Accident

To cover you against death or injury (from 5 to 75 years inclusive) as a result of an accident while you are riding.


£10,000 £20,000

Permanent Disability including:

blindness in one or both eyes; deafness in both ears; loss of one or both hands or arms, loss of one or both feet or legs.

£10,000 £20,000

Permanent total disability

If as a result of the accident you will never be able to carry out any type of work

£10,000 £20,000

Temporary total disability*

If you cannot carry out all the duties of your job

*If you are retired, or not working under a contract of employment, we will pay your medical and other extra expenses due to your injury up to the weekly benefit

each week
each week

Dental Treatment

£1,000 £1,500

Hospital benefit

For each 24 hours you are in hospital

£30 £50

Riding Equipment

If your riding equipment or your tack is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed while you are riding or travelling to or from the place your are riding, we will pay up to:

£1,000 £1,500

Emergency Vet fees

If a horse you are riding is accidentally injured and needs immediate treatment, we will pay up to:

£1,000 £1,500

Third Party Liability

If property is damaged, or someone is killed, injured or falls ill as a result of an incident while you are riding and you are legally responsible, we will pay up to:

£1,000,000 £3,000,000

Custodial Liability

If a horse you are riding is injured or dies, or if a horse drawn vehicle you are using is damaged, and you are legally responsible, we will pay up to:

£2,000 £3,000
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