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Interested in affiliated show jumping? Read Charlotte’s guide for getting started in the sport.

What is show jumping?

Show jumping takes place both indoors and outdoors, and the season is continuous. There are several summer and winter championships to aim to qualify for. The courses are made up of coloured fences, which can easily be knocked down. Competitors will receive four faults for any knocked down, and four faults for a refusal. With affiliated show jumping, two refusals or a fall results in elimination.

How do I get started show jumping?

Before you decide to affiliate and join British Show jumping (BS), I would highly recommend competing unaffiliated for a while, learning ring craft, and dealing with the pressure of collecting rings. Before joining and competing, I would go to a show centre you are considering competing at, and walk the courses of classes you would jump, to get a feel for them, as quite often they are very different to unaffiliated. They can be much more technical, and the oxers can be wider. Once you are happy that you want to join and compete in affiliated show jumping, I would advise stepping down a height for your first competition, so you are in your comfort zone.