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Petplan Equine Sponsored Rider - Jack

Interested in eventing? Read Jack’s guide for getting started in the sport.

What is eventing?

Eventing is the ultimate test between horse and rider. You need to know each other inside out and have 100% trust in each other. Eventing combines three disciplines within the one sport. The first stage is dressage; the judge will be looking for obedience, balance, rhythm and harmony between horse and rider. You'll be scored for every movement the same as pure dressage, once the percentage has been worked out you will be given your penalty score which you will take forward to the next phase. You want to achieve the lowest score possible.

The second phase will be show jumping. This will run very similar to pure show jumping but you will just jump one round (normally 8 -12 fences) picking up four faults for each knock down or refusal, which will be added to you penalty score. This phase will test the horse’s balance, accuracy and carefulness.

The final phase is cross country where you'll meet banks, water, ditches, logs, etc. This phase will test your bond with your horse; they really need to trust you. Cross country tests bravery, boldness and stamina. If you pick up problems in the phase they will be costly adding 20 penalties for a refusal.

Finally once all phases are complete you finish on your final score and the lowest score in your class will win. Hopefully if all goes well you'll be feeling on top of the world. Eventing is very addictive!

How do I get started eventing?

Firstly you want to be out and about competing at unaffiliated dressage, show jumping and have a hunter trial and an unaffiliated one day event under your belt. You'll want to be happy and going well before you register and enter your first event. If you have never been to an affiliated British Eventing event, you might want to go and have a look around, walk the course and get a general feel for what events are like before you head to your first one.