Monthly diary — August

Lucinda Green

Lucinda Green
This month started with a lesson in checking rules. I had just ridden Cry Freedom in the dressage at the International at Barbury Castle when an official told me we couldn't compete - CF's vaccination booster had been given only five, rather than seven days or more, before the competition.

I had no idea and worse still, the jabs hadn't been due for a fortnight — I had just been efficient. Good news followed, however. Just as I finished our senior selection committee meeting for the European team, my daughter Lissa was told she's reserve on the Junior European squad.

Also my youngster, Bill, has taken a big step forward after six months of greeting fences with a, "oh no, what's that?". I entered us in a Pre Novice ages ago, expecting to have done plenty with him by then but we have not because of many cancellations. I decided to give it a go anyway and follow the advice of a friend who owns Working Hunter champion Cruise Control. He used to be very spooky, but he improved by doing many different fences before competitions.

I whisked Bill off to two different places the morning before the event, where he jumped about 10 strange fences at each. At the competition he was brilliant — he only questioned four fences and when I told him it was ok, he went for it. His jump is tremendous and he still hasn't really found what his springs can do. My faith is restored.
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