Monthly diary — March

Lucinda Green

The Petplan Equine 'XC the Safe Way' clinics this month have been fabulous

— I've met some really good and interesting people.

This time of year we need to sharpen our reactions so our horses respond more quickly to us. I try to teach the paradox of having the horse listening while encouraging him to think for himself and really want people to go away with something useful. I learn so much, too, and it's satisfying seeing someone feel the 'feel' and improve.

At home, my Advanced eventer Cry Freedom and very green hunter, Bill, are coming along well. I took Cry Freedom to a Jumping and Style (JAS) event where my daughter Lissa and I both competed Hors Concours - she 'beat' me into 2nd place, Then, Cry Freedom actually won the Open at an Arena Eventing competition — I was so excited as I don't win much these days... As for Bill, he's not at the competing stage yet, he'd take forever even to arrive at the first fence.

But he has come to a couple of the clinics for a look around and is becoming less horrified about hacking. He's like a little boy — everything is new and there's so much to learn. At the moment it's as if he's at kindergarten, making paper hats and cardboard castles.
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