Monthly diary — March

Lucinda Green

Well, I didn't end up on ITV's 'I'm a celebrity', though I watched the programme rather more closely and it confirmed that, if asked again, I wouldn't be going — it looked awful.

As for the horses, Cry Freedom is now with Harry Meade, one of our best young event riders, where he can learn so much more. Harry has tremendous feel and likes CF so far, who is looking great. Last year I struggled to keep condition on him and finally discovered he had tapeworm, despite strict worming — it makes you wonder. Harry will take CF to two Intermediates, including Tweseldown, before going Advanced in late spring.

Bill is also spending periods away, when I'm not at home, with my ex-working pupil, Justin Clubley. After regular hunting Bill was much stronger, when a virus struck. He couldn't swallow and only ate carrots. Fortunately he's recovering well. I didn't escape hunting unscathed either — I hit the ground headfirst and then spent 20 minutes asking my friends who they were.

We also spent two brilliant days with the Metropolitan Mounted Police doing their 'bombproofing' training to improve Bill's spookiness. Starting out flanked by two police horses, he finished unfazed by cheering, music, flapping tarpaulins and even smoke bombs.

Since then he has completed a Jumping and Style event before going straight round a cross-country course without spooking once, which he has never yet done.

Perhaps it was just that he was worn out after jumping at my clinic the previous afternoon.
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