Monthly diary — May

Lucinda Green

What a change from last month. Cry Freedom and Bill have each had significant achievements — I am so delighted it's as if they have both won Badminton.

I'm still discovering how best to ride CF show-jumping. Softening my hands on take off had worked wonders at home but gave us five down at Gatcombe. We fared much better at Burnham Market coming 6th in the Advanced. I'm now feeling what CF could do if only I can learn how he likes to be ridden. As he changes physically and mentally I have to keep peeling off layers to understand him. What works this week is opposite to what was successful a month ago and I'm still streets behind him, but that's learning and it's fascinating.

As for Bill, he's been on a cultural tour he came to many of my clinics, so has seen plenty and popped over many different fences. His spookiness improved so much I entered the Intro class at Larkhill — over the three phases he only spooked once. Then at Ebbesbourne Wake, Salisbury — which is like a mini international event — despite being spookier, Bill completed all three phases well. He's come a long way.

It just shows how quickly things can change — you just need to read the changes, at whatever level you are at, and keep up with them.
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