Monthly diary — September

Lucinda Green

“Bill had his first Intermediate outing at Wilton. It’s a tricky course but he went really well, which was seriously exciting.

Lissa and Crackberry (known as Willy) seemed to solve their brake problems with a Kimblewick. Although Willy’s showjumping wasn’t so good, they did an extremely good cross-country round.

“Ten days later at Aston-Le-Walls Lissa was leading going into the cross-country. They set off well but cannoned into the second fence and none of us really know why. Safety officials later told us Willy hit the fence with a force of 1.2 tonnes – he took off but made contact just above the knees, tipped and slammed Lissa into the ground.

I was preparing Bill when the cross-country was stopped. Realising it was Lissa, Bill and I trotted onto the course to find her strapped to a body board. My rising panic subsided when I heard her shout “I’m a bit sore but fine” and she insisted I continued the competition.

Having satisfied myself she was in good hands with the ambulance crew and there was little I could do, I arranged to meet her later at the hospital. Having also found a friend to be on hand for me should I come unstuck while riding, I was about set off with Bill when I had another shock as an emergency helicopter landed – it did turn out to be for Lissa but just to transport her to a different hospital than first planned for x-rays.

Bill did another very good round and after seeing to him, I headed to hospital where Lissa had been given the all clear. Willy seems fine too, so I think we will have to put it down to one of those things.”
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