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Glossary / Definitions

Asset: An item of value eg. Horse, saddle or trailer

BEVA: British Equine Veterinary Association

BVA: British Veterinary Association

Euthanasia: The deliberate ending of life in order to relieve incurable pain and suffering

Excess: The amount you have to pay in the event of a claim

Insurance benefit: A specific area of cover that offers protection against financial loss or damage, eg. for Death or Personal Accident

Market Value: The market value is the price generally paid for a horse of the same age, breed, bloodline, sex and ability

Policy Period: This is the length of your insurance contract. In the majority of horse insurance policies the policy period will be 12 months

Policy Section: As insurance benefit

Premium: This is the cost to you, for your insurance policy.

Sum: Insured Is the amount you choose to insure your horse for. It will usually be the same as the market value