Saddlery and Tack Insurance

Cover Benefits

Why do I need to insure my tack?

Saddlery and Tack insurance will pay the cost of repairing saddlery and tack if it is damaged, or its value if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Saddles and tack kept in outbuildings where your horse is stabled or transported to and from events can all too easily go missing if you are not very careful.

How much insurance do I need for my saddlery and tack?

It depends if the policy covers you for 'New for Old' or not. If you are covered for 'New for Old' you will need to insure your tack for it's full replacement value. If not, estimate how much all saddles, bridles and other tack you own are currently worth. The value is the price generally paid for the same saddle or item of tack of the same age, type and condition.

For most policies rugs, blankets, clothes, riding hats, grooming kits and personal effects are not normally included.

How do I need to protect my saddlery and tack?

When not in use, saddlery and tack must be kept in a locked building. If the locked building is not at your home some insurance companies will specify what security the building must have, eg. a 5 lever mortice deadlock on the door and steel bars or a steel grid on any windows.

Like motor insurance companies, horse insurance companies will not normally pay if your saddlery and tack is stolen from an unlocked vehicle, or from a locked vehicle if it is not in the boot or out of sight in a covered luggage area.

Will an insurance company pay for wear and tear?

No. Your cover is designed to protect you against damage that is unforeseen. They will view wear and tear as a natural result of age and use. Nor will they pay for damage caused by moths, insects, vermin, pests or things such as mildew and rot.

You should be careful when cleaning and maintaining your tack, as insurance companies will not pay for damage that happens when tack is being cleaned, dyed, repaired or restored.

Why do insurers want to know details of my household insurance?

Sometimes, under your household insurance you may also have cover for loss or damage for your tack. If this is the case, the insurers will generally share the loss.