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Your Questions: Horse Trailer Insurance

Cover Benefits

Is my trailer covered when it is being towed?

The horse trailer/horse-drawn vehicle section of your insurance covers your trailer if it is damaged or destroyed while it is being towed.

Is my trailer covered if I am transporting someone else's horse?

Providing you are not transporting someone else's horse as part of your job or as a business, your insurance will cover your trailer or horse drawn vehicle if it is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Am I covered for Third Party Liability?

This section of cover is designed to protect your trailer or horse drawn vehicle if it is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. If you require insurance to cover your legal liability if someone is killed or injured or your trailer damages their property, you need to take out Third Party Liability cover. However, there may be restrictions when the trailer is being towed so you should contact your trailer's liability insurer to discuss these in the first instance.

If I lend my trailer to a friend, would it still be covered?

If a friend occasionally uses your trailer or horse drawn vehicle and they are not using it for business purposes or are not paying you for it, insurers do not generally need to be informed.

If someone other than the policyholder is regularly using or is totally or partly responsible for security or maintenance of the trailer or horse drawn vehicle you must tell your insurance company. They will then inform you how this may affect your insurance.