Monthly diary — August

Lucinda Green

The decision who took the final places on the Olympic team was made for us. With Ruth Edge out and Shaarbrak not coming right in time, putting Lucy Wiegersma into reserve, we were left with two places and two riders. Tina Cook and Daisy Dick are both wonderful, so I'm glad we didn't have to choose.

I'm still working on my dressage with Cry Freedom and had a fascinating session with Mary Wanless and Spencer Wilton. Jo Aston, who looks after CF when I am away, is also good on flatwork and puts what Mary says into the context of riding him. Learning dressage is like being a good cook — you need a little bit of this and a little bit of that. CF and I are heading to Gatcombe next.

Bill returned to Pre Novice at Purston Manor, because he was too fat for Novice. He made it feel easy so we headed, more streamlined, to the difficult Novice at Barbury. Lying third after the dressage, we had two down in the showjumping — he felt like he was going to spook so I put my leg on. In fact he didn't, so he flattened instead. I was thrilled with him around the cross-country - despite him refusing to go near the practice fence. I no longer worry about jumping them because he spooks so badly.

I also went to watch polo at Cowdry. I was staggered by the horses — every second they are listening but never stop thinking for themselves. It's exactly what you want with an event horse.
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