Monthly diary — June

Lucinda Green

Last month was eventful, competing with Cry Freedom at Chatsworth and before that commentating at Badminton.

CF went well despite the wet and although we weren't placed I was pleased. Ian Stark designed a wonderful course including the type of fence I haven't seen for years — 'The Eyelashes', a double of 4'6 hedges at an acute angle at the bottom of a 20ft bank. Many riders questioned whether it was even possible but on the day, once one combination had had the guts to tackle it, it rode very well.

As for commentating, it's not as frightening as riding but still has its scary moments. I really enjoy it as I like trying to put over the excitement and explain the extraordinary things these horses and riders are doing in a way that is clear for those who don't have an expert eye, while not boring those that do. I still walk the course a number of times both with the public and competitors so I know it pretty well. The number of withdrawals this year was tricky but understandable — at least Hugh Thomas gave our top riders a good dressage practice and the chance to watch the opposition hard at work as the British horses rested

All in all Badminton passed in a blur and I didn't even get to visit one shop — roll on next year
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