Monthly diary — November

Lucinda Green

For now, Cry Freedom has gone to Jo Aston who has helped me with him a great deal this summer.

After I fell off at Blair and the frustration of not being able to retrieve things at washed out Blenheim, it just seems like the right thing to do. CF has plenty of ability but he's not an easy ride. He needs consistency, especially on the flat, and my lifestyle doesn't afford him that, and I don't like doing things half cocked. Jo is a professional rider and is sympathetic to him. They seem to click — they've already come 8th in the OI at Tweseldown. I think Jo might find the key to CF's dressage and show-jumping - watch this space.

As for Bill, he's blooming and his self-confidence is growing all the time. Having been away in the States this month, I went to see him on my return. For the first time ever he came to the gate to say 'hi'. Bill is developing into a really lovely person.

New Jersey and Vermont were wonderful — beautiful autumn colours and I wasn't rained on once. Much talk at my clinics was about the new rule that automatically puts you out of the competition after any fall. This has been rolled out across the USA, even for classes lower than our Intro level. It is causing much concern, especially given the distances people have to travel over there to reach an event, possibly only to jump a few fences.

Many share the same worry — people and horses going home with dented confidence, the very thing we all need to be building.
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