Monthly diary — September

Lucinda Green

I’ve had a great time teaching in Belgium – most of the time we talked English but occasionally I had to attempt my rather dicey French which often proved hilarious.

It’s been a good reminder, too, of just how lucky we are in this country with our facilities – in Belgium eventing is a minority sport and the enthusiasts struggle to find a course to practice over.

I’ve also been to Dublin to see Horseware, who manufacture my clothing range. Work over, it was off to the Dublin Horse Show for the Aga Khan Trophy. I haven’t walked a course that big since the Athens Olympics and the penultimate fence, a treble, was seriously difficult. It was amazing to see some of the best riders in the world arrive at it, all on different strides, but sail through and get the job done. I also caught a bit of the 12.2hh ponies in action – jumping fences bigger than them, mainly flat out… it wasn’t always pretty but very gutsy, just what it’s all about.

Back at home it’s been celebration time as it’s Bisto’s first birthday. He’s from a Norfolk Terrier dad and a gypsy dog mum, and is a real little scruffy star. No matter how cross I try to be, he always makes me die laughing. He really has managed to fill my old dog’s Basil’s paws, which I didn’t think would be possible.

As for Bill, we’re revving up for Highclere. Last year we missed it after he tanked off alone across the road (see Oct 09 diary). If all goes well, the plan will be to gallop on and really see how his wind is.
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