Horse Theft and Straying

Cover Benefits

What do I have to do if my horse is missing?

You must tell the police as soon as you discover your horse has been stolen or is missing. Then tell your insurance company as soon as possible.

Some insurance policies include the cost of advertising and payment of a reward if the horse is found or returned.

Why might Loss Adjusters be appointed?

Loss Adjusters are companies or individuals employed by Insurance Companies to assist them with the investigation or negotiation of a claim. Loss Adjusters may be appointed by the insurance company because of their local knowledge, ability to meet with policyholders and other parties interested in the claim, or to negotiate discounts with suppliers. They are rarely used where the claim is straightforward, but it is likely they will be involved where the claim is for high value items, or where there is a need for someone to meet with the client to interview them, or to examine the location of the loss.