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Are you Riding and Road Safety Savvy?

If you're a keen leisure rider and love hacking out, there's no doubt you'll have to ride on the roads at some point, but how seriously do you take your road safety? Are you clued up about the potential hazards you may meet along the way or do you bumble along without a care in the world? Take our quiz to make sure you’re doing what you can to be safe.

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What kind of road rider are you?

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Generally, you are a fairly responsible road rider, but you do have moments where you lapse and forget to take as much care as perhaps you should. It’s time to put a few more safety precautions in place.

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Happy road riding!


What kind of road rider are you?

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How have you survived riding on the roads up until now? It’s definitely time to start taking a more responsible attitude to keep safe - you owe it to your horse and other road users as well as yourself. It seems you are very confident riding on the roads and get the most out of it, but don’t forget that accidents can happen – and often do when you least expect it - no matter how good a rider you are. Think about the routes you are going to ride and the potential hazards, and make sure you stay alert on the roads.

Don't forget to click below for top road safety tips.

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Happy road riding!

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What’s your attitude towards high-visibility gear?

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Do you wear protective clothing when riding?

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Which of these do you agree with most?

A road traffic accident…

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Do you use your mobile phone while out riding on the roads?

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Do you have equine insurance that would cover you for an accident when riding on the roads?

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Have you passed your British Horse Society Ride Safe Award?

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When should you avoid riding on the roads?

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If you want to turn right down a side road what should you do?

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Should you let anyone know where you are going and how long you will be when you hack out?

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How courteous are you to other road users?